Student Life of MBA 

The 3rd week is ending soon… like tomorrow… and guess what (now i sound so like my professor)… 

This week I did nothing… at all… literally I didnt do any studying at all, I mean I did enter my lectures and stuff… but my self reading was ZERO!!! 
Which is honestly speaking… very bad… because I have homework to finish, presentation that I will present this upcoming Monday and some group projects that I need to do as well… but these past few days, Im just too stress out with the workload that I literally boycott everything and now it is Sunday and I am regretting my actions… 
I was in a dilemme as well… its been years i ever had this feelings, but yeah who am I kidding anyway… its too good to be true… but I am here to obtain my Master and I shall come back with it… and this is my only chance to improve my status… I know I havent been a good person, and I do feel guilty of my actions, I guess my willpower is still weak… Im still learning and making mistake… :S 
Hopefully this next week, I will start being serious with everything and no more playing around… Enough is enough…it is time to get serious and be ahead of the game… Its not easy but I really do hope i can ace everything this MP1… and prove to everyone that I can do it.. including myself… I know I can and I believe I can… everything depending on my behaviour and attitude to you know who…hehehe (Allah)… you are the only one who can put me back on the right track and set me straight to the right path… I’ve seen what I need to see, I learn what I need to learn and now it is time for me to be faithful to you… therefore with your help Allah, I seek your forgiveness for my lack of willpower, my disobedient and my laziness, I beg that you would not leave me aside and help me to return back to my true self…which is remembering you… sesungguhnya aku seorang hamba yang masih lemah… dengan itu aku memohon ampun dan maaf atas kesemua kesalahan ku ini… 
Alhamduillah and thank you for everything… 

Recap About Life:

2008 – was told to resign by my company (because Alice didnt like me, and she didnt want someone who can overtake her position) hahaha… not that I was aiming for that… 

End of 2008 – Learn about FOREX and start to learn and do about small Business in marketing MLM. 
2009 – Meet alot of new people and start to work for the company that teaches FOREX and the downfall of my reputation. 
2010 – My reputation was really damage during this time, that I try to hide from everyone. 
Middle of 2010 – Left to United Kingdom to accompany my brother and his family.
August 2010 – Came back to Brunei and still my pride was still hurt and reputation was still low. 
December 2010 – Still unemployed life was not getting easy. 
2011 – New Year still nothing change 
September 2011 – Hari Raya was not joyful, had an argument with my brother with regards to me still being unemployed. 
Was informed about the new Scholarship that the Government will provide to the Private Sector. 
November 2011 – Meet my sister ex-colleague and he offer me to come in for an interview. 
December 2011 – Register for SungKyunKwan University to further my MBA 
                           – I landed myself a JOB!!!
January 2012 – Alhamduillah, things were turning bright… Life for me starting of 2012 have change dramatically. 
I have a new job, until the day I left have been supporting and appreciate my time working for them. (Which I am forever grateful). 
I got accepted to SKK GSB to further my studies (but this I will have to wait for my Scholarship results)
March 2012 – Called in for Scholarship interview 
July 2012 – I got my Scholarship… I officially passed the examination… Alhamduillah
August 2012 – Resign from my Company and here I am in Seoul. 
End of August – Start my MBA course and here I am back to square one which is Studying…
May Allah Bless us all, and Im seeking for Allah help in everything that I do. I hope Allah can forgive me for all the mistakes that I have done and I wish and pray that I can be strong and I can excel making both my parents and family proud. 
There you go, I summarize the years that I totally forgot about this blog. And hopefully in the near future I will do my best to update my blog. (Not that anyone I know is reading this) hehehehe incase… 
anyway… as I mention previously, its 3am… well now it is 3.30am… I have to sleep now… 
Good nite

Life in Seoul

Oh my… Didn’t realize that this site is still around… 

Lots had happen since I last wrote something…
I’m now in Seoul, South Korea doing my MBA at SungKyunKwan university GSB.
Reading back what I wrote few years back is soooo funny. 
I’m not sure whether my English have improve or not, but we shall see how my progress will be. 
It’s freaking 3am right now, I just got myself an iPad so I’m playing around with it. 
Keep you posted soon sites. 

Random Post

Good Morning…

Here i am, bored as ever, got nothing much to do at work to be honest, and my boss is back (damn) hehehehe…it means that he will have something for me to do later… oh well… at least it good to have him back and he knows that i got nothing to do.

Well last saturday i was reading this book called Where Rainbows End and to be honest i love the book. I couldnt put down the book, because i really wanted to know how it ends. The ending, they finally be together…but can you actually believe that at the age of 50!!!! then both of them decide that both of them were meant to be together…and the sad part was, the girl was single for 20years of her life, while the guy got married the second time. He wanted to wait for this girl to come to him, because she just gotten a divorce, but he couldnt wait, he didnt know what to do, so he have choose the first girl beside him to be his wife. When his single, she is not single, when she’s single, he is married, until he is 50 yrs old. If it werent for the girl’s only daughter ‘who told him about what her mother had felt decades ago, he wouldnt have told her how much he loved her’. After knowing the truth that the girl did had some feeling for him, he finally confronted her!!!

The moral of the story is that, ‘dont be afraid to confront to the person you love!!!, even though you do not know whether that person love you back or not, but its better to tell them now, because at the end you will regret yourself and wish you have turned back the time. I feel pity for the girl, i love the book, but it doesnt seem fair to the girl… and yes i end up crying because somehow the story line – it totally have an impact towards what i’m facing right now. And i still and wont confronted that someone even though i will end up being an old lady who is still single. *KNOCKWOOD!!!!*

well… to sum it up… the book is really nice, i love it. sad ending but at least … its better than both of them not ending up together..but sum up to Cecelia…the format/style of her book is unique, where she got her idea on making the whole book as a message instead of a story-line is really amazing. Salute to her.



Anyway….an old frenz of mine did this so called poetry for me…


” Decade shall pass,

Realise  your steps unbound by truth,

Seek a second look and you shall see there will always be the uneventful moment,

I amal, you Amal, She is amal,

my friend till decades pass,

abridged upon ur care and trust.”


All i can say to KI is… thank you for the so called poem… just hope that in 20 years time we shall still remains as friends because we’ve known each other since the 1st day of our school life, and despite you’re traveling here and there, we once again meet in MD and until now we are still friends as we were when we were kids.


Insects in Brunei

2 unknown animal crab or spider x spider cool spider chai shadow n spider

As you can see from the above pictures, My colleagues (C & Y) took this pictures on their normal site visiting. I really love the spider pictures, because it totally look like anime or something that someone would draw, but he honestly took the picture and saw the spider, which you can see the last picture that is C’s shadow.However we are still trying to figure out, under which insect does the first three fall in….cos at some point it does look like a spider…but it can also look like a crab…. hmmm… anyone have any idea????

Sum up for January 2008

Hello To Those who actually read this blog or just passing through,

Well..once again here i am, to make another post on what has happened this pass few weeks…

End of 2007, my dad’s trueblood brother had passed away, and the sad part was, we didnt manage to say goodbye or seek forgiveness from him, and we didnt get to know him that well either…. [which is kindda weird – bcos ppl always think that if ure not close why should u grieve  like someone who is so close with him – thing is…. his our only uncle…and not matter what happen we still care and love him for who he was]

Early January 2008 – still feeling down with the lost of our uncle, took a day off from work to accompany my parents in KB, got scolded lots of times by the relatives…siggghhh…. 2nd week….things are still not good…feeling down somehow…depression alert was rising…3rd week…slowly stress level are decreasing but it is still there…]

To be honest i really missed 2007, bcos tat year…i was enjoying life, i had fun with my frenz…but rite now i honestly feel old…. i lost confident in everything i do… i honestly totally lost it…. my depression in 2005 is slowly coming back to me now… y????y????y????…. oh well.. life is a rollercoast… nothing is predictable… and life need to be a balance… happiness and saddness is a must in everyone’s life… thats wat make us Human….

2007 Highlight

First of all,i wanna say ‘to my uncle who just passed away’ for 20 years ++ you have shut yourself from the outside world, you were once a happy person, but suddenly you have change to someone that none of us knew…you tried to cut all of us from your life but since we are blood relation ‘we are as stubborn as you were’. We really do love you, you were once our favorite happy uncle, and we will always remember you as that person even though you had changed alot the last twenty years. May you rest in Peace and May Allah Bless You. Amin. Thats the highlight of my 2007, alot of things have happen this year…not so of the sad part, but quite alot on the happy part…but in life everything have to be balance. The death of my late uncle came a shock to all of us… he died in his room without informing anyone that he is in one knew when exactly did he died…because no one ever step inside his house until last night when the bomba had to knockdown his door. He didnt get married, so he actually lived all alone with no connection to the world outside. He shield his house so tight that walking at his compound is very dangerous. My dad side is known to be very stubborn people…my late grandfather was stubborn and my late uncle is also stubborn, and yes my father is also stubborn…as for my siblings and I – yes we are all very stubborn. Last time i saw my late uncle was 5 years ago during Hari Raya, he was carrying a huge bag when his frame is so small, and inside his bag was chains,and heavy metal stuff that you used for fixing cars, he was walking around KB and my dad sister’s saw her 2nd brother walking around that she stopped at the bus stop to convince him to come home, luckily we were passing that road, that we too stop on the side of the road and my dad ‘as the eldest brother, requested his little brother to come back home with us’, but he manage to runaway from us… after seeing our uncle like that ‘my sisters and I started to cry and question ‘what had happened that led to his unexplainable attitude???’ so many gossips were told, so many question never answered until now… his life have been a mystery to everyone including to his own one knew what had happened… and now he have left us, with no answer to the question that we all want to know….  My Late Uncle was the type of person who doesnt like to bother people, his moto is…if you dont disturb me i dont disturb you, but unfortunately…people do disturb him, but he just keep it to himself. A week ago, he was release from the hospital, my dad wanted to bring him back, but he manage to shut himself in his house,so dad cant bring him back home.Within that week, he manage to go shopping for foods, he had spent $500++ worth of goods, and relatives are saying ‘he bought the foods because he doesnt want people to be burden for his death’. Imagine a small frame old guy, buying 2 or 4 bag of rice/tons of cans of food and carrying it on his own-the thought of it make me sad, because he did bought a car, but never used it, he always walk and uses the bus. So imagine him carrying everything, walking to the bus stop, carry it to his house… Hanya Allah sahaja tahu apa Uncle ku mengalami selama ini. I thought i wouldnt cry, since half of my life, i dont know him that well, but during the funeral, i just can’t stop crying at all.It wasnt an act of trying to get people’s attention, but it was from my heart, i do have uncle’s and aunty whom i love and cherish alot, but he was the only uncle who is 100% blood connection…and to not know you’re own uncle is sad…It felt as if we have lost someone who is so close eventhough from the outside we are not close, but in our heart’s Uncle you are always a part of us…we love you from the bottom of our heart, and hope that you are finally in peace.AMIN. Semoga Roh nya di cucuri rahmat. Amin. 

non-stop rambling

Its Sunday… and what do Bruneians do on a Sunday???? Wedding!!!Duhh…. Anyway… Wanna Congratulate Nazirul Nadiman for his wedding day today with his long time GF@ now Wifey who have been together with each other for 10 years!!!!

I pratically beg N175 to follow me, because I will be carpooling with the guys so was afraid that i end up sitting alone with no friends… yes im very sad because i have no female friends and tons of male friends… the wedding starts at 1-1.30 menerima jemputan… n we arrived at 1.45… we had to used my 3rd sister car because they were 7of us… his house is so huge that no one parked outside… all the guests can park their cars within the compound… and all the invited guests can fit inside the house…. yup his house is super dupely huge!!!! and we were given balcony view to see the whole ceremony… and there is no kem outside.. his house…

His the first person in our batch to get married…and its right before graduation lagi tuu… it didnt feel like he is getting married at all!!!! hehehehe…. but the ride to Jerudong Polo was quite interesting… saw DavidCheok and ask him to take picture of me and my friends obviously… hehehehe hope he can give me my picture… than having in on someone’s photo album… but the sad part is.. i didnt get the goodies 😦 damn!!!! the goodies is from Dubai… perfume case, silver thingy…where you can put the jewelry in… and flower… waggghhhh…. i was the only one in the group who didnt get it… because????? i was stingy… hehehe i sat at the sofa at the balcony so that i have a perfect view of wat is going on below… so apa nya orang ketulahan… inda apa2 lahhh… at least N175 got her goodies..and luv it… waggghhh… i want one too!!!! Nadiman!!! aku inda ampit hadiah mu!!! but i do have the gold box … hmmmm…. i still want the big goodies!!!

Graduations is next week.. and just as i got promoted and an increase in my salaries… my salaries would be deducted!!!damn!!! hmmmm… can i do overtime boss???? i need the money… hehehe.. but yeah im pretty proud for myself… because i got promoted now… and in less than 3months actually… and last month salaries my boss gave me a raise… super dupley happpyyy… yup money is the motivator for work and still it is the root of all evils…

Im ranting non-stop now…. Noi and leeyun was at the wedding and thank you to them… i got lots of pictures!!!! get to take pictures with them… and with all the future graduates… cant believe in less than 2 weeks all of us are officially degree holders… well im exhausted now afta the wedding… signing off now…

On My Nerve

siggghh… she is getting on my nerve now… she is so naive…and yet when it comes to boys she is so cheeky!!!!???!!! but when it comes to doing her work, she gets frustrated so easily… complaining every single thing… why or why cant you act more professional???? she lash out her problems to innocent people, while she is suppose to guide them but instead she can make people more angry with the behaviour that she created…. i tried to be calm with her behaviour…but she is at the stage that she listen to no one….and act more superior when she is just a kid…i honestly want to be nice to her…but as the days pass by… you have been on my nerve…. 

Starting Of This Week

One more week to GRADUATION!!!!!woooohhhooo…..

Boss is out again…the working environment have been going Crazy!!!! hyper everywhere… H look totally exhausted after the race thingy last sunday… C507 looks super Tanned… she totally looks radiant and healthy… M.H is so gullible because he honestly thought the earplug used for swimming is a bluetooth headset for ipod… B173 is super dupley stress that he actually stand and tried to stick himself on the wall due to an increase number of Customer complain… R96 is trying to cope with the environment.. and S…hmmmm i have no comment…. WF somehow cant stop giggling the whole afternoon… the office have been so full of energy… and talking to customer can be abit disturbing because one ear might be on the phone while the other ear is concentrating to listen to the ranting in the office…

And the funny part was… i had to called to the winners who registered to WondeRing Services… and apparently the first person that i called was the previous winner… so when i called him up… he wasnt surprise… but was blur… so the second winner that i called was super hilarious.. i cant stop laughing when i called him up.. because he didnt believe that he is one of the winner..and repeatedly asked me that i am not punk’ding him…. and even though i swear to him that i am not joking he still wont believe me… and keep on making me laugh… and when i giggle..he even joke and said ‘you’re laughing at me?? how can you laugh at me’ and i had to apologize and he giggled again and still insisted that i am joking at him… so i told him to called back to our office number to get a confirmation…and he actually did called back… and finally he was at ease… and totally joyful that he had won something =) …

Apparently one of the customer… didnt realize that s/he called to the office more than 10 times… because their mobile keep on accidentally dialed the office number and R96 keep on answering the phone when the customer accidentally dial… so he ended up listening to the customer ranting with the family without realizing s/he mobile is still on… so both me and C507 joked that ‘every time the customer called and he picked up the phone… the customer was so scared to talk that they actually hung up the phone’….. at least right now he is having good time because he finally got Customer Complain… ngok ehhh… people prefer no complain..him on the other side wants complain!!!

oohhh… before i forgot… its good to see the Birdies and the Chickies again… last night hang out with them until 10ish…well i had to go home early since today is a working day… B4601 misses his GF so much…awwww so sweet… B142 is getting engaged next month…A175 claim that her bag is not new but it look super nice…i want one babe!!! Pehin Datuk Harimau Z314 looks exhausted and dissapointed that he didnt get an interview..dont worry… who knows your interview might be lining up… and you are the second batch…R96 came late.. and he was fagging!!!tsk tsk tsk… because had a huge fight with da Baby… glad that things are back now =) try not to fight when your baby is having her exams kayyy…no is good good for her academic =)…

To Atul…im sorry to hear about you’re little brother accident… i hope his fine and well… and tell Adi… to be strong and GET WELL ASAP!!!!!

To B5658…condolesence(sp?) to your cousin who passed away yesterday morning… semoga roh nya di cucuri rahmat…Amin!!!

hmmmm… what to say lagi ahh?? oohhhh yeah… CONGRATULATION TO NADIMAN who would be getting married this upcoming SUNDAY!!!!! the guy who likes to nod his head…hehehe… well congratulations…and semoga perkahwinan biskita panjang sampai ke anak cucu and so on… and all the best in your future… see you on ure wedding day!!!!!=)

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